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Hey Guys! Elfenbabe here! When real females just can't do what you ask of them you can always turn to a 3D Love Doll or 3D Teen Fuck Slut. These are petite, cute and sweet little 3D toon teen girls who get in some amazingly extreme virtual sex positions in bondage, BDSM, forced sex and more! There are even 3D virtual chicks with dicks! These 3D Love Dolls and Shemale Dickgirls have sex with each other as well as sex with monsters, aliens, robots, man and machine. They get tied up in bondage and rammed from behind to get virtually split apart by giant creatures 4 times their size! You gotta see this to believe it! Check out the cool samples of this 3D Toon type of fantasy porn sex below...


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Let's start our little 3D erotic sex fantasy fun off with a short story, shall we?

Once upon a time, there was a 3D teen dickgirl named Sheena Love Dollz and this chick had a HUGE dick that was so big it would spring out of her short jeans whenever it got hard! She just could not hide it, no matter what she did. One day, while delivering dildos to the creatures of the enchanted forest, she came across a wolf named Eddie, who was a closet transexual. Now, even though Eddie used to be called Edwina, a tranny wolf is not something you see every day and it frightened poor little Sheena greatly. She once had a dream fantasy about a group of elf trannies, but that's another story. Anyway, this particular tranny, Eddie the wolf, jumped out at her from behind a tree and demanded she hand over all her dildos. "Oh no! It's the dildo bandit!" she cried out while running for her life through the forest. The transexual dildo bandit ran after her and snapped at her breasts with his huge claws. Sheena fell to the ground, unable to get back up because she was hurt. The wolf felt victory and carried away his stolen dildos and Sheena's hot, but lifeless 3D body to an underground bunker where he hid from all the other forest creatures in fantasy land. He had a robot butler named Larry2u who got very excited seeing the wolf bring in the lovely female body of Sheena. Neither of them suspected of what she had hiding in her jeans!

With lust in his robot eyes, Larry2u looked over Sheena's firm body laying on the cold concrete in the underground basement bunker. The horny robot wanted her, but the greedy, sex crazed wolf wanted her all to himself and told Larry2u to stay away! Eventually, neither could wait any longer and they fought each other to see who could fuck this fantasy girl first. The robot pushed Eddie aside and began to mount the beautiful 3D Love Doll from behind. The wolf flew into a jealous rage, but he was no match for the robot, who by now had his hard metal cock deep inside Sheena's ass. Since Larry2u was an assman robot (ass-bot?), he never noticed that Sheena had no pussy and was, in fact, a 3D chick with a dick. 

Suddenly, Sheena awoke to find her ass being pounding by the giant metal robot cock and, while it felt good in a way, she was terrified and frightened all at the same time! The excited part of her, however, got VERY excited and her huge cock got very hard. She jumped out from under the robot fucking her and turned around quickly, hitting Larry2u with her hard cock and knocking him out. The wolf lunged at her with his claws and tore at her boobs until her tits were quite scratched and bleeding. She was in pain, but fought off the wolf as hard as she could. He almost got the best of her, but then she spun around and clubbed the wolf with her basket full of dildos until he moved no more. Her adventure was over and she had won. She tucked her dick back in her jeans and left the bunker to join her furry fetish 3D toon friends in the enchanted forest. THE END!

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I hope you enjoyed your 3D fantasy porn sex adventure among the creatures of the virtual animated toon porn world and you will return among us again. Until we return again, here are some more fantasy porn sample links you may like...

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